Thursday, December 3, 2009

More painting shenanigans, and... a new computer!

While painting the entry hall, my daughter let the dog in from outside.

First, my brain registered that the dog was inside, then I made some kind of a noise ("gaaack!" I think) and checked to see if he had stepped in the paint. He hadn't, but he was tracking muddy paw prints everywhere. It's wet and mucky out.

Me: "Didn't you wipe him off!?"

Daughter: "No."

Me: "Well do it now!"

Daughter (said as she runs out the door): "I can't, I'll be late for work."

Me: "Gaaa!"

I ran, juggling paint brush, rag, and edging tool that helps you not paint on the ceiling, to let the dog back outside, while my daughter apparently ran back inside for something and tracked muddy footprints herself all up the carpeted stairway.

Which I had steam cleaned not even two weeks ago.

Me: "Gaaaaa!! Why can't anything I do stay done!?!"

I'll be showing my daughter how to work the steam cleaner tonight when she gets home from work.

The paint is drying in the entryway. I'm keeping the dog out for a while so that he doesn't rub against anything.

And in much happier news, my husband finally finished gathering all of the parts, and last night my son put together my new computer! I'm so happy! Now I'm back in my little office and don't have to steal into my kids' rooms to use their computers.

Maybe once I've finished with the painting (actually I'm done with that for the time being!), and the deep cleaning, and the departmental holiday party at our house is a thing of the past, I'll sit down and write. That would be nice. (My son just this second popped his head in and asked, "Are you writing?")


aromatic said...

Will be wonderful when its done....
And you will be able to enjoy your computer with a contented smile on your face!! In the meantime I wish you well... (rather you than me!!lol!!)
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog... They were some really sweet guys and on the day of the funeral the funeral director was an absolute sweetheart to me... quietly pushing a packet of tissues into my hand when no one was looking..... and so reassuring. I have to confess to giving him a huge hug when the funeral was over... Mum would have loved him!!
Much Love, Jane and Woofs from Basil xxxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jane,

You know, the thing that got me through my Dad's illness and memorial service was the fact that everyone I encountered, nurses, chaplans, everyday people, were absolutely wonderful. The whole ordeal brought home to me that human beings can be giving, and loving, and caring - even to complete strangers. I saw the best traits humanity has to offer, and that got me through.

Thinking of you, your family, and,of course, Basil.

jo said...

I am so pleased for you. After all this time, you must be delighted to have your own cosy digital corner again. It certainly set you posting with a vengeance :-)
I can barely keep up with your output.
Know what? It is actually great fun and dead easy to assemble one. I have done two so far, and it is like playing with Lego. Get clued up so next time you won't have to wait until the others have enough free time to do it for you.

ICQB said...

Hi Jo!

I'm ecstatic to have my own 'digital corner' again, as you put it. My son and my daughter can put computers together in a trice - I'm sure they wouldn't mind showing me how. The biggest obstacle is acquiring all of the hardware : )

But hopefully I'll be set with this one for some time to come.