Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Crab Apple Adventure

On a hike the other day, hubby and I found two crab apple trees which were still loaded with fruit. I couldn't resist. My daughter and I hiked back to them today to harvest some and make them into crab apple jelly. Crab apple is my favorite jelly to make, the color is so vibrant and the flavor is sooo good!

Our hike was colorful:

We found a hollow tree. I don't think cookies were being made there:

My daughter sat in the tree, and then discovered that there was something else in there with her. She couldn't see it, but she heard it (maybe there were elves in there?). Notice that she's sporting an I Voted sticker! :

At times the path was straight and narrow:
The crab apples were pretty against the sky:

And close up:

Most of them were high up. My daughter climbed up to reach them ~ notice the bare feet:

Our path on the way back was just as colorful:

Long stretches of the forest were golden-orange:

And the canopy was brilliant:

I'll 'leaf' you with this picture, and a little video:

This small video clip is of an owl being chased by some crows. The crows were very mad at the owl and were harassing it terribly - pulling out its tail feathers when they could. I'm pretty sure it was a barred owl, although I only got quick glimpses of it. The video is very quick and the action takes place in the upper to mid right and only in the first split second (don't blink):

The crows sound angry, don't they?


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