Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Fortune Teller

For anyone interested, here are some pictures from Halloween. We had a gypsy camp in our front yard. My daughter and her boyfriend dressed like gypsies and sat by the 'campfire' while my daughter played the violin. I told fortunes in the tent and gave out candy.

The gypsy camp seemed like it was back in the woods, but it was just between some trees in our front yard; off to the left a pot hangs on a tripod and cooks over the 'campfire':

A gypsy fortune teller:

Fortunes being told:

Hubby wasn't able to get a picture of the gypsies enjoying music around the campfire - they had retreated indoors by the time the camera came out in order to do some baking for a family event the next day.

Hope you had a nice Halloween!

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