Friday, November 7, 2008

In which I get lots of quality help with my leaf raking efforts

I began raking leaves in the backyard today. I had lots of help. Mostly of the, "I'll watch over this pile while you make another one," kind:

Leaf sentinels. I has dem:

The rest of the help had a little more energy. Maybe too much - you decide, I managed to film some of the hi-jinks. Here's a little clip:

At least someone had more dignity than to participate in all of that silly, knee-bent running around business:

The little gray cat in the video clip is the little kitten that my daughter brought home. She is about 5 months old now. In December she'll be old enough to be spayed. She already has an appointment.


adrienne said...

Thanks for the laugh! You do have quite an undertaking there., helpers are adorable.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

You have to admire a cats approach to life. It helps us keep perspective to have them around.

ICQB said...

Hello adrienne and robert, thanks for stopping by!

My helpers stuck with me until the rain started, and I'll have to agree that a cat's approach to life is indeed admirable - and at times adorable!