Friday, January 16, 2009

A Chilly Day

It's -10 degrees F. outside and the windchill is -28. But it may warm up to +6 later today. It's getting so that when it's in the twenties out, I just wear a couple of sweatjackets to walk the dog because it seems warm.

A good day to do some writing and some knitting. I'm trying to dust off a ghost story that I got stuck on last fall and get it going again, and I'm working on knitting a puzzle top, which I found under "freebies" at this site.


. said...

Not you with the tattoes then :-)

Looks an interesting garment-shape, but I can't see it keeping you warm in minus 27F.

cloquen ? cluck hen?
I simply adore the new verification almost-words.

Can't bear new things like 'staycation' and would you credit it: 'mancation', hate 'heads-up' as a noun, but love 'contrail', which we call vapour trail.

My novel is still on chapter three, and fleeing from by brain. I can see it, like a movie, but lately my command of words is not flowing like it used to.

ICQB said...

Hi joco!

The puzzle top is meant for warm weather wear, and I'm making it for my daughter.

Chapter three! Don't let the rest flee from your brain - get it down, in whatever shape it comes out. There's plenty of time to pick out the bad words later and replace them with well thought out phrases that you've had time to think about.

The important thing right now is to get the story out, warts and all, in that always horrible first draft.