Saturday, January 31, 2009

Celebrate with Chocolate Cake!

The book, In Defense of Food, contains a passage which tells how a psychologist conducted an experiment in which he showed the words, "chocolate cake" to Americans and recorded the word accociations they came up with. The top word association was guilt. Interestingly enough, he conducted the same experiment with a group of French folks and the word which most often came up was celebration.

My son must be French, or at least he's got his head screwed on right. He turned 21 today and requested a fudgy, chocolatey cake for his birthday.

Upon searching, I found that my own recipe books and notes and folded papers and old 3x5 cards did not contain exactly what I was looking for - I didn't have the perfect chocolate cake recipe - it couldn't even be found in my copy of Julia Child's The Way to Cook. So I did what any 21 year old would have done in the first place, I googled, "fudgy chocolate cake recipes."

I found one likely candidate, but it only makes a small, square cake and really looked more like a pan of brownies than a cake. I decided to try that recipe another time and continued my search.

I went to a recipe site that I'd found upon once upon a time and really like. I searched the site for chocolate cake recipes and found the recipe for this:

It has three rich, chocolatey layers:

And the frosting is buttery and chocolatey - almost a french butter cream, but without all the fuss:

My son took one bite and gave me a high five. I was happy.

You can find the recipes through the links below:

And the recipe site that I found this wonderful cake on is called Simply Recipes. All the recipes that I've tried from this site have been very good.


aromatic said...

Delicious!!!!!Thanks for the link, would most certainly like to give it a try, my daughter adores chocolate cake so it would be great for her birthday.... will give it a trial run first though lol!!!!
Please wish your son a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
Love Jane xxx

ICQB said...

Thanks, Jane - I will!

. said...

Quite a milestone, 21st. Doesn't time fly!
Odd that chocolate should have this guilt implication. I have yet to meet anyone who really likes chocolate.It is the sugar most people crave. Give them pure chocoloate ( the nibs) and they don't care for it one bit :-)

ICQB said...

Hi Joco!

My husband loves dark chocolate bars with nibs in them.

There is an organic choc. bar maker whose choc bars are heaven to bite into. You can taste all of the different flavors in the actual chocolate. Their name just flew out of my head! But when I really want to treat myself I buy one of their bars (and hide it away from the rest of my family).