Thursday, January 8, 2009


Last September I snapped this picture of a plant that my daughter and I came across during a walk in the woods:

I've recently come to realize that this is most likely wintergreen. This came to me while reading Blackberry Cove Herbal (which I heard about the other day over at The Witchen Kitchen Beginner Herbal website/blog):

I actually ordered some wintergreen from a catalogue a few years ago to plant in my yard as ground cover in a shady spot. Unfortunately the meek little wintergreen was taken over by another not-so-meek groundcover whichI planted nearby at the same time.

So now my daughter and I are planning to trek back into the woods on another adventure to see if we can find the wintergreen. Unfortunately we have a few inches of newfallen snow, which will make it hard to find the ground-hugging wintergreen. We'll have to wait until such a time as the snow melts, but the ground freezes again, so that we can avoid the swampy parts of the trek (and there are many).

So for now we must only dream of wintergreen and its inviting scent.

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