Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Snowy Day

It's snowy today.

We've had several inches of of the white stuff over the past 24 hours.
My doggie isn't winking at you, he's trying to keep the pellet-y snow that's falling from the sky from getting in his eyes:

Here are a few things we saw on our walk.

An pretty little snow-covered evergreen tree:

A snowy wild apple:

The tired limb of one of the older wild apples resting on the snowy ground:

More pretty berries:

And now it's time to go inside.


aromatic said...

What gorgeous pictures and what a lovely boy Strider is.... he looks adorable in all that 'gorgeous' snow!! You are so lucky... wish we could have some snow like that!
I believe we are now coming to the end of our very cold spell... its been wonderful.. all that lovely hard ground to walk on.. instead of wet and mud... looks like the wet and mud is on its way back (yuck!!)
Strider looks as if he is really enjoying himself... so much snow to eat!!
Take care and have fun!!
Love Jane & Basil xxxx

ICQB said...

Hi Jane!

We'll be getting some more of this 'gorgeous snow' over the coming week - and the temperatures will plummet. Strider's favorite kind of weather!

Hope you don't have to deal with too much muddy muck - we have plenty of 'dog towels' around only for wiping wet, muddy paws with (although it looks like we won't be needing them for a while).

Take care and lots of pets to Basil!

ICQB (Linda)