Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Point of the Previous Post

The point of the Chronicles of Narnia post (just below this one) is that, when something works, it can take over my emotions and thought processes for a while. If something reaches me and rocks my senses, I want to figure out why.

Why did I have that reaction?

What about that song, or movie, or passage in a book, did that to me?

And more importantly, I ask the question, can I recreate that feeling in my writing?

For example, my daughter left a CD in my car and when I started it one day, a John Mayer song began to play. I ended up playing that song over and over, having my heart broken each time. Over the next few days I started to wonder if I could write a short story that captured the kind of heartache that the song projected.

I gave it a try. I think I missed the mark, but I may have come close (if you want to judge whether or not my story comes close to the emotions of the song, you can see a live performance of John Mayer's Dreaming with a Broken Heart here, and you can read my short story, Love, here).

One scene in the Prince Caspian movie (the very end scene - leaving Narnia again) has me wondering if I can capture the emotions I felt while watching it in a written story. I'll have to let it all ruminate in my head for a while and see what comes out.


. said...

Did you post this just now? While I was commenting on the previous post?

I have never read any of those non-reality books. I have trouble with Alice in Wonderland, and can't bear the Potter books. When I say books, I mean the one page that I struggled through. Wonder what that says about my faulty personality or misspent youth. :-)


ICQB said...

Hi again, joco!

I never had any luck getting through Alice in Wonderland either - but I must say that my mind drifts toward non-reality. Not as much when I was younger, but now.

Don't know why. What does that say about *my* faulty personality or misspent adulthood? ; )

Thanks for popping in!

. said...

Only me, again.

Thanks for stopping by and wading through the Hardy. What do you think of his novels?

BTW, I am beginning to think that you have been inadvertantly banned from my GBBD posts lately. Am I right?
My IP deny manager may have mistaken you for a bot. I just un-denied an IP address that I think might be you, so have another go and tell me if I worked it out right. The vagaries of the 'behind-the-scenes' admin completely baffle me. Rows of numbers that do not mean much.
Anyway, let me know please.

w.v.= tardyl, which I read as 'tardily'.


adrienne said...

I enjoyed your story. Sorry, I cheated and read it first! Now to hear the song...
Also, I nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award - see my post :)